Business & Economics

The Business & Economics core curriculum offers the best of both worlds: the Economics modules explore, on a theoretical level, how modern economies function and fit into a larger social framework, while the Business modules show, on a practical level, how to run a business organization. Following a course of study in the Business & Economics track and completing a degree at a partner university gives students a set of intellectual and hands-on skills that make them particularly competitive in the job market.


Name: Marketing
Workload: 6 CP

This module teaches the core concepts and tools of marketing, including key topics such as market research and its importance to company strategy, brand strategy, pricing, integrated marketing communication and social media communication. The module introduces students to the marketing cycle: from identifying a customer base and conceptualizing and implementing an effective marketing strategy to monitoring and evaluating one’s marketing efforts.

Learning outcomes

After successfully completing this module, students will:

  • review central marketing instruments
  • apply marketing instruments to a business environment
  • develop a marketing plan/ mix
  • examine strategically challenges to marketing in a globalized world economy
  • indicate the ethical implications of various marketing instruments


Introduction to Marketing, University of British Columbia
Principles of Marketing, Saylor Academy