Computer Science

The Kiron Computer Science study track provides an in-depth introduction to relevant fields in this discipline from mathematical tools over algorithms and programming principles up to modern Hard- and Software Systems.

Students will also gain transferable skills in communication, time-management, Business Administration and Entrepreneurship.

By successfully completing their studies, students will:

  • be able to analyze a complex problem and develop and implement an efficient solution
  • gain a profound understanding of both hardware and software
  • be capable of developing comprehensive computer programs as part of a team
  • gain knowledge of contemporary issues related to computer science & engineering
  • be able to work independently and in a structured manner


Name: Algorithms
Workload: 6 CP


This module gives an introduction to the analysis and development of efficient algorithms.The topics of this module include:


  • Runtime analysis and complexity classes
  • Sorting and graph algorithms, principles of hashing
  • Algorithmic strategies


Learning outcomes

After successfully completing this module, students will:

  • be able to evaluate the runtime and memory requirements for a given algorithm,
  • be able to describe important complexity classes for the analysis of runtime and memory complexity,
  • be capable of formally modeling and describing algorithmic problem settings,
  • be able to adapt the introduced data structures and algorithms to modified problem settings,
  • be capable of developing efficient algorithms and data structures using algorithmic strategies,
  • be able to explain and apply different sorting algorithms,
  • be capable of developing and implementing programs based on the introduced algorithmic techniques,
  • be able to evaluate different approaches to solving a given problem based on formal analysis.


    Data Structures and Algorithms Specialization, University of San Diego