Social Work

The Kiron Social Work core curriculum offers a broad theoretical and basic scientific foundation in Social Work as an academic discipline. Studies in related sciences such as Sociology, Psychology, and Pedagogy give students an understanding of Social Work’s theoretical embeddedness. Overall, the Kiron core curriculum provides basic knowledge in the different fields related to Social Work in order to provide Kiron students with a foundation of topics they can use in order to pursue different fields of studies afterwards.


Name: Introduction to Sociology

Workload: 6 CP


This module introduces you to the discipline of Sociology as the scientific study of human behaviour and society. The module covers the history and emergence of the discipline as well as fundamental concepts and theories that will enable you to critically explore the social world in which we live. You will examine core sociological processes and learn how social norms shape behaviour on an individual and group level. Moreover, the module explores human interactions and cultural phenomena including topics like inequalities and introduces you to national and global policy responses and intervention strategies in the context of Social Work.

Learning outcomes

After successfully completing this module, students will:

  • outline the major sociological concepts shaping human behaviour and attitude
  • summarise the history of sociology as a discipline by recollecting key classical social theories
  • differentiate norms, values and belief systems within diverse cultures
  • describe essential components and various levels of social organization and its influence on social interactions and on individuals
  • define key social inequalities and intervention strategies to enact social change through national and global response mechanisms explain current social welfare policies and provision


Sociology, Western Sydney University
Classical Sociological Theory, University of Amsterdam
Social Norms, Social Change I, University of Pennsylvania, Unicef
Social Norms, Social Change II, University of Pennsylvania, Unicef
Social Welfare Policy and Services,  University of Michigan
The Lottery of Birth, The Open University