Our platform –
Kiron Campus

The Kiron Campus is the heart of the online study phase

On our platform, our students can find all the courses available to them as well as preparatory courses to learn or refresh any basic skills they may lack. The platform also always recommends the next course they should take in order to progress quickly with their studies.

Kiron works with a completely modularized curriculum, which means that all MOOCs used on Kiron Campus are presented in modules. This makes it easy and fast for students to browse courses in the same subject area.

If any questions come up, our Student Support team is always available to help our students quickly!

In our Online Forum, students can learn about various study-related topics. They can also post questions and have discussions with fellow students and more experienced student forum volunteers who, as Kiron students themselves, take on the role of moderators to offer effective peer support. The chat function, which encourages interaction between our students and Kiron employees, is also of particular importance. Moreover, students can team up with study groups in the forum to support each other in course-specific issues.