The educational model

The Kiron Educational Model combines our innovative academic model with a pedagogical approach that caters the needs of our students from very diverse backgrounds all over the world. It is based on 10 principles that guide our work.

Our Educational Model


  1. is competency-based and outcome-oriented
  2. provides a study experience focussing on our learners‘ needs
  3. encourages student engagement, participation and ownership
  4. emphasizes the importance of diversity of people and thought
  5. sees both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation as key for successful learning
  6. combines recognized educational standards with innovative educational approaches
  7. supports the recognition of prior learning within a variety of national educational systems through transferable core curricula
  8. is dynamic through the incremental innovation and improvement of digital solutions in education based on permanent quality assurance and profound research & development activities
  9. balances scalability with personalization and localization
  10. facilitates access to higher education from anywhere in the world

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