How to contribute to Kiron’s mission?

At the beginning of the student journey there are scholarships that Kiron needs to provide high class education to every single student and embed it into a variety of support programs.

Give a scholarship in order to ensure motivated refugee students are able to begin their student journey once more. A scholarship of 3,500.00 EUR covers the costs for the resources and infrastructure of the two-year online program.

Partners can designate their support to Kiron and our students in a variety of ways.


Why donate?

Actions speak louder than words and empty promises! Demonstrate your commitment to diversity, innovation and social engagement by helping newcomers settle into their host societies and realize their potential. Your company’s contribution makes free higher education for refugees and student services such as study centers, psychological counseling and the buddy program possible and helps innovate higher education.

How you can donate?

Through our corporate donation program, corporate partners offer fast support where it is needed, directly benefiting our students, their learning progress and study success. We currently offer the following programs:

Corporate Donations

Corporate organisations can express their support for diversity, the integration of a socially disadvantaged group and equal opportunities through corporate donations via betterplace.

Why not make an impact today?

Doubling Campaign

Through the doubling campaign, companies increase the effectiveness of their corporate donation budgets by committing to double donations made by their employees multiplying their donations’ financial impact and fostering individual engagement by their employees.

Contact us for further information.

Do you have questions on donations and scholarships or do you have new ideas on how to support us, contact us!

“We are excited to be able to accompany and support young committed refugees on their path to an academic degree. Due to the high technical qualification requirements within the automobile industry, employment opportunities are closely linked to excellent language skills and certified degrees.”

Karlheinz Blessing

Volkswagen Director of the Board for HR and Organization, Volkswagen


Why sponsor?

Establishing a partnership with Kiron is a mutually beneficial investment for both partners: In close cooperation with you, we will create a portfolio of joint measures and actions building the base for our partnership. Personal guidance and assistance will be provided by your personal account manager. In return, Kiron will be able to have a contact point in the business world offering us important insights into relevant corporate developments and trends and helping us to develop a sustainable business model.

How to sponsor?

Each sponsorship partnership is tailored precisely to the individual partner.
Contact us to learn more about Kiron and how we can team up together.

What is the impact from sponsoring?

Sponsoring partnerships with Kiron directly benefit high-profile students by enabling them to live up to their potential. Through a partnership with Kiron, you can express your commitment to corporate citizenship, developing leadership and skills, and social innovation. Support Kiron and gain access to exclusive information about the organizational development of this award-winning and thriving young social enterprise. Together, we will develop a proposal tailored to your needs to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

“Supporting those who have come to us out of sheer desparation is known to be particularly close to the hearts of both our works council and our personnel. The dedication of the many thousands of our employees involved with refugees on a voluntary basis is a perfect proof for this. Through our cooperation with Kiron, we can now additionally provide refugees with training opportunities and perspectives in the academic sphere – which perfectly complements the previous commitments of our group and its employees.”

Bernd Osterloh

Chairman of the Group and General Works Council, Volkswagen


Why become a mentor?

Online education conquers a variety of barriers, but the lack of personal contact and guidance is an essential detriment, which Kiron seeks to overcome by providing a mentor for each student.

Become the first contact point for a newcomer in his/her host country. Enable your mentee to reach his or her potential and guide him/her with your skills and professional experience. Get to know your own ability to motivate young talent and help a student build his/her career path.

Get trained to guide and motivate.
Let your employees learn how to lead and motivate future generations. Experience diversity and inspire your company.

Become a leader in corporate citizenship.
Make a sustainable corporate contribution and change the course of a young life.

Offer a high-quality employer experience.
Corporate volunteering is the future, challenging your employees to grow and think outside the box. Engage your employees and coworkers in an innovative skills-development program with social benefits.

Gain access to talent.
Get to know young international talent and mentor high-potential individuals early on!

How is the program structured?

Companies can participate in the mentoring program through corporate volunteering initiatives, giving their employees the opportunity to become trained mentors for our students and the companies themselves.

Together with our experienced partner in mentoring and corporate volunteering, we offer online mentoring. The program includes:

  • Professional mentoring training
  • A matching process through which mentors and mentees select one another Professional guidance and help-desk services
  • Professional guidance and help-desk services
  • An evaluation of your corporate mentoring program

We are open to new ways of cooperation and value your ideas and feedback. Do not hesitate to reach out to us reach out to us !