How you benefit from supporting Kiron

One of our top priorities is establishing a reciprocally beneficial and mutually accommodating relationship with our partners. By joining our corporate partnership programs through donations, sponsorships or mentoring, companies pave the way for a better future for a large group of high-potential students. In return, we at Kiron are happy to help these companies develop customized programs, which range from corporate social responsibility and corporate engagement to employer branding and communication projects or diversity and staff development programs:

Help your employees develop leadership and social skills as corporate volunteers.

We cooperate with experienced partners in corporate mentoring like Volunteer Vision and ROCK YOUR COMPANY! to offer you and your team the best training and social-skills development, together with a professional evaluation. Combining staff development with a good cause? It’s definitely possible.

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Gain access to international young talent and express your commitment to diversity.
Kiron helps young international talent develop in fields including Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. Supporting Kiron shows your commitment to diversity and a diverse workforce.
Gain access to a global network of leading social innovators.

Kiron’s educational concept has received multiple prizes and awards such as the German Founders Award (Deutscher Gründerpreis 2016), Google Impact Challenge 2016 and Ernst & Young Public Value Award 2016. This has convinced our partners that include the world’s leading digital influencers, top academic institutions as well as visionary foundations. Join a global community committed to education, diversity and social inclusion.

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Individual partnerships created in close cooperation with you.

We can develop individual proposals for financial contributions, including joint communications, participation at annual donor events, etc. We will involve you directly in the drafting process.

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Gain exclusive insights into the work of a thriving and award-winning social startup.
Through regular updates and a detailed annual funding report where we outline how your contribution has benefitted our students, our corporate partners will receive exclusive information on Kiron’s progress.
Support an NGO that develops and scientifically evaluates its educational concept to maximize the return for investments.

Our aim is to develop an efficient and sustainable business model that offers increasing returns to investments made. We cooperate with top research institutions in order to evaluate the impact of our operations and to continuously support and increase the success of our students.

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Personal relationships and a contact person at Kiron.

We want our partnership with you to be mutually beneficial. Depending on the degree of involvement you chose with Kiron, we will assign you your own contact person within the organization whom you can turn to at any moment.

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Establish yourself as a corporate citizen and lead social innovation with us.

Among its supporters Kiron counts influential and progressive partners from all sectors (non-profit, public and private), thought leaders and of course the individual supporting our cause and wishing to make an impact. Why not join forces with Kiron and show them that you believe in equal opportunities, technological progress, and innovative solutions.

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Team up with a registered charity (gGmbH) and benefit from supporting our mission.

Kiron Open Higher Education is a registered charity (gemeinnützige GmbH) headquartered in Berlin. All donations are thus tax deductible in Germany. In order to claim a tax-deductible donation on your tax return, we will provide you with a donation receipt.

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