Corporate Engagement

Strong alliances with long-term partners are a key component of Kiron’s philosophy and a major building block of its success story.

Corporate organizations of all sizes accompany students along the various stages of their journey – by funding their studies and enhancing their learning success. From single employees to entire corporations – we pave the way for purposeful engagement with a real impact.

“I support the dedicated Kiron team because they start creating a long-term impact right now: by combining existing elements to an innovative, pragmatic and scalable solution. Kiron helps refugees building a future perspective, integrating and unlocking their potential for society – that’s a great thing to do!”

Michael Klein
Senior Manager Business Development Mobile, Tech Sector

“Kiron’s initiative acts as a role model and deserves wide support. It is a pleasure for us as a company to contribute to paving the way towards education, job and integration for refugees.”

Julia Legge
HR Marketing, ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH

“I wish that refugees also get the opportunity to shape and design Europe. Kiron is paving the way for this. That is the reason why I support Kiron.”

Aydin Umutlu
Ali Cola

“We fully support Kiron Higher Education, because it opens opportunities to those, who have had to leave so much behind.  We are thus very glad that we can contribute to helping refugees unlock their potential.”

Colja Dams

Why corporate engagement matters at Kiron?

Create synergies with all sectors for long-lasting change and social integration of our educational model. Kiron touches on matters of interest to both the public and private sector: higher education, digitalization and the development and integration of a skilled workforce. Cooperating with all sectors is the only solution for real change and long-term impact.

Promote social and professional integration. Education opens doors for the social and economic integration of refugees, ultimately enabling them to enter the job market on a higher level. Kiron also offers support services like mentoring programs that bring refugees into contact with locals, helping newcomers settle into their host societies and realize their potential.

Encourage employee engagement and stand out as an employer who cares. Attracting the best talent goes beyond offering great benefits and competitive salaries. Today’s new wave of recruits prioritize corporate citizenship and social responsibility in their own lives and are determined to join organizations that care about their wellbeing and that of the community.

Enable high-potential individuals to develop a highly demanded set of skills and provide access to higher education for a socially disadvantaged group: refugees. Corporate partners can help transform the lives of ambitious young students while at the same time helping grow a pool of highly educated professionals in fields such as Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering.

Embrace a new generation of entrepreneurs. Demonstrate your commitment to diversity, innovation and social engagement and support new solutions for education and integration. Kiron is reshaping higher education through a new and innovative educational concept that combines online and offline learning.

Provide hope. Support from corporate partners and potential future employers of our students legitimizes our program’s relevance, reassuring our students and providing them with real opportunities for the future.